New Bill Aims To Federally Legalize Marijuana

  • A Republican congresswoman has filed a bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level.
  • The move may mark the end of the partisan politics that have held back the federal legalization of marijuana.
  • The comprehensive bill would remove marijuana from the DEA’s list of controlled substances and impose a three percent excise tax on all cannabis products.
  •  The bill would also expunge criminal records for anyone who has been convicted of certain non-violent cannabis offenses

Here are some of the provisions in the proposal to federally legalize marijuana:

  • The States Reform Act aims to regulate marijuana similarly to the federal regulation of alcohol and puts cannabis regulatory responsibility in the hands of individual states. No state or local laws would be required to change.
  • Most importantly, the bill would remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act effectively legalizing all forms of cannabis and its derivatives.
  • A national age limit of 21 would be set for the sale and possession of recreational marijuana and cannabis-infused products. The limit would not apply to state-approved medical marijuana cardholders.
  • All references to “marijuana” or “marihuana” in federal laws and….

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