New cannabis dispensary proposed in Richmond, Ill by Wisconsin border – Kenosha News

A cannabis dispensary has been proposed to be built in Richmond, Ill., just south of the state border where Twin Lakes and Genoa City is located.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois. However, in Wisconsin it remains illegal for people to possess, smoke or consume marijuana, with people able to be criminally charged in Wisconsin.

Even though it’s illegal in Wisconsin, Zachary Zises, owner of 280E LLC, the company proposing to build the dispensary, said he recognizes that the value of the Richmond location comes from knowing people from Wisconsin will be crossing the border to buy marijuana.

“To be perfectly honest the value of the location isn’t because I think all of you guys are coming in to buy weed, I think it’s because everyone across the border in Wisconsin where they cannot buy it is coming across,” Zises said at a meeting with Richmond residents. “I don’t want to pretend anything else. That is really why I think this facility is going to perform incredibly well.”

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