New Cannabis Pearls Now Available at Arizona Dispensaries –

Grön has unveiled Tangelo Sugar-Coated Pearls, the latest addition to its range of handcrafted cannabis-infused edibles. With Tangelo, Grön introduces a groundbreaking cannabinoid, Cannabichromene (CBC), known as the “happy cannabinoid” for its uplifting euphoric effects. Tangelo is the latest addition to the Grön portfolio of Sugar-Coated Pearls, expanding the product line to seven flavors and various cannabinoid ratios. Tangelo Sugar-Coated Pearls with CBC are now available in Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, and Oregon.

Designed with sativa enthusiasts in mind, Tangelo Sugar-Coated Pearls produce an uplifting spirit with a lively and energizing effect, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a powerful, cerebral experience. Tailored for daytime use, Tangelo encourages productivity and is ideal for individuals who want to proactively seize the day. This was made possible with the inclusion of Cannabichromene (CBC), the active ingredient in Tangelo, which occurs naturally in the early stages of cannabis growth and stems from the Cannabigerol (CBG) cannabinoid, known for its mood-enhancing and euphoric potential.

Tangelo’s citrus flavor and unique cannabinoid composition are the first of its kind in the edible market. Tangelo Sugar-Coated Pearls contains a blend of 50 mg of CBC per package, complemented by 100 mg of THC

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