New dispensary opens in Beckley – WVNS-TV

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — The Landing Dispensary located on Robert C. Byrd Drive is Beckley’s newest medical cannabis dispensary.

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What sets them apart from other dispensaries is they grow their product right here in West Virginia, according to Rob McCourt, Vice President of Sales.

“It’s our staff. Our priority is our patient education and compassion and it’s really important to become educated as there are so many potential options for treating one of the qualifying conditions,” McCourt said.

Resources and information are plastered throughout the lobby and building to help point patients in the right decision for what they need.

Jacob Stout, the General Manager, is also a patient. He said he takes medical cannabis and finds it to be better than prescription medications.

“Well, just the addiction from it and just the side effects it’s a whole lot easier for the plant that’s natural and there’s not an addiction associated from it and it’s a whole lot better for you,” Stout said.

The dispensary plans to host a grand opening celebration on Friday, December 9, 2022, with food

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