New Hampshire Governor Calls for Cap on Proposed Cannabis … – Business of Cannabis –

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has called for a 15-store cap on cannabis dispensaries in the state as it looks to implement its new cannabis legalisation plans.

New Hampshire recently implemented bill HB 611 in preparation for the legalisation of cannabis.

Governor Sununu signed the bill that will establish both eligibility criteria for the therapeutic cannabis programme and establish a commission to study state-controlled sales of cannabis.

At the time of singing, Sununu stated that establishing a commission to study state-controlled sales would bring stakeholders from across New Hampshire together to ensure that children’s safety is a number one priority.

Now, Sununi has introduced new requirements if the plans are to be implemented including a 15-store cap and a ban on lobbying and political contributions by any licensee, reports the New Hampshire Bulletin.

New Hampshire’s proposed model would see dispensaries run in a franchise-model and there had been suggestions to cap this at a similar level to the number of liquor stores in the state.

The publication reports that Governor Sununu’s adviser on addiction and behavioural health, David Mara, stated that Sununu’s office is “adamant” about capping the number of stores at 15 but that this could change in

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