New Harvard Study Suggests Smoking Weed is Associated with Higher Sperm Count

If you’re a testicle-having person who smokes weed, you’ve probably heard that you’re harming your reproductive health. You’ve probably heard that smoking weed lowers your sperm count or reduces the quality or DNA integrity of your sperm. If you’re not trying to have a kid, maybe that sounds just fine. But a new study by Harvard medical researchers, published today in the journal Human Reproduction, is challenging this oft-repeated conventional wisdom. According to researchers, smoking weed may actually make a person’s testicles more fertile, not less.

Men Who Had Ever Smoked Weed Had Significantly Higher Sperm Count, Study Finds

The idea that consuming marijuana lowers sperm count may not just be wrong, but the exact opposite of the truth. That’s according to a new peer-reviewed article, “Marijuana smoking and markers of testicular function among men from a fertility centre.” Researchers say that smoking weed—at all, ever—could increase not only sperm count but also sperm concentration in semen. In short, smoking weed may increases male reproductive fertility, not reduce it.

The conclusion flies in the face of what people have said and thought about cannabis and fertility for years. And no wonder. Newspapers, magazines and websites (even!) have published articles on the

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