New Jersey Regulators Approve Framework for Onsite Cannabis Consumption

In a significant move for the New Jersey cannabis market, the state has now opened the doors for the operation of cannabis consumption lounges at dispensaries, according to a report from news outlet NJBiz. During a meeting on January 17, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) unanimously passed a regulatory framework that permits both medical dispensaries and recreational-use retailers to establish on-site consumption spaces.

This development, initially proposed in December 2022, introduces a set of rules that detail the qualifications, application process, and operational guidelines necessary for businesses interested in offering these consumption areas. The regulations specify that a cannabis business can operate only one consumption area, irrespective of the number of Class 5 Retailer licenses or Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) dispensary permits it holds. Furthermore, these lounges are prohibited from selling food, but customers have the liberty to bring their own or have it delivered.

Another critical aspect of these regulations is the allowance for medicinal cannabis patients to bring cannabis items from other retailers for personal use in these consumption areas, according to the report. The sale of tobacco products and alcohol within these areas is strictly prohibited, and the rules stipulate that patrons must be at

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