New location for Alton Dispensary set to open in February – Alton Telegraph

ALTON — The Alton Dispensary is making a move to the east side of town.

At the Alton City Council meeting on Dec. 20, dispensary President and CEO Jeremy Wysocki asked council members if they would amend the ordinance regarding cannabis dispensaries.

Fast fowrard to the city’s Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night, and aldermen voted to approve a text amendment to Title 4, Chapter 24 of the Alton City Code regarding zoning districts for adult-use cannabis businesses. 

Under these changes, the city will allow one cannabis dispensary within C-2 General Commercial District and C-5 Heavy Commercial District.

Other amendments are as follows:

Cannabis infuser organizations, processing organizations and growers are permitted by right in the M-1 Light Industrial District and C-5 Heavy Commercial District.

• Applications for a license shall now be made by the mayor’s office instead of the comptroller’s.

• Each license will be an annual registration to expire on Dec. 31 (previously April 30).

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• The former rule of needing a minimum of 75 parking spaces is now gone.

The dispensary closed in its current location, 1400 E. Broadway, on Jan. 1. The new location is at 3401 E. Broadway, which was formerly a 1st MidAmercia Credit Union

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