New NBA Contract Would Allow Marijuana Opportunities for Denver … – Westword

We’ve come a long way since Carmelo Anthony was castigated for getting caught with cannabis in 2004.

Viewed as the future king of the city at the time, the Denver Nuggets player landed in hot water after weed was found in his backpack at Denver International Airport. But two decades later, you could be bumping into a Denver Nuggets player at a dispensary.

According to reports of a new collective-bargaining agreement between NBA owners and the league’s players’ union, NBA players can soon shop for legal weed in public. The seven-year CBA agreement hasn’t yet been ratified, but that process is “certainly no more than a formality,” according to the AP. And after that happens, players in states with legalized weed and sports gambling will have a few new personal freedoms.

Among the pending CBA provisions are rules allowing players to invest in and promote cannabis and sports gambling companies in states where they are legal. On top of that, NBA owners also agreed to remove cannabis from the league’s banned-substances list, officially making it a legal substance in the NBA.
So not only could you see an active NBA player in a dispensary, but you might shop in a dispensary owned by

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