New Pleasantrees recreational dispensary location opens in Amherst – Reminder Publications

AMHERST – Joining the recreational cannabis scene in town is Pleasantrees, a Michigan-based company that now has opened their second Massachusetts dispensary.

With the new Amherst location, the town joins Easthampton as the only two Massachusetts Pleasantrees location, while there are six retail stores in Michigan.

“We want people to come in. I want it to be a house, I want to be able to have people come in here, have a good time and be able to talk,” Zach Wilson, director of retail at the new Amherst location, said. “We are excited to be open and really excited for the grow to get up and running. Then they can really show what they do.”

According to the company’s website the mission of Pleasantrees is to cultivate and sell the highest quality cannabis with focus on hospitality and community.

Pleasantrees believes that terpenes – aromatic compounds found in many places but especially at high concentration levels in cannabis – are essential to their cannabis experience. They have partnered with scientists at Sfumato Fragrances, a niche natural perfumery based in Detroit, Michigan, to help catalog and explain the various terpenes that are found in their products.

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