New regulations for 2022 and some Cherry Diesel shatter – Colorado Springs Independent

Terr Thompson

I was feeling relatively optimistic and chipper about ’22 until I found out about new state marijuana regulations hitting the law books starting in January. There are some parts of the new laws I am happy about, like the 2-gram limit for hash/concentrate products for medical patients ages 18-20, and the spiffy new Marijuana Enforcement Division brochure that goes over serving amounts with a recommendation for inexperienced users to “Start Low. Go Slow” to help prevent overdoing it while partaking.

Although I like these measures, there’s one I am a bit bummed out about: They’ve limited the purchase of hash to only 8 grams of the good stuff a day. (And dispensaries must account for each patient’s concentrate product transaction in the seed-to-sale traceability program to prevent patients from purchasing more hash at another store on the same day… Big Brother here we come!)

I see the logic in limiting the purchase amount of hash, but as someone in the industry it’s always a bummer to see legislation that limits patient access. Dispensaries can at least file a form on behalf of

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