New Sioux Falls dispensary secures Lincoln County's marijuana license – Argus Leader

A fourth business has just obtained a license from Lincoln County to dispense medical marijuana.

The Lincoln County Commission approved another license to manufacture, test, cultivate and sell cannabis during a public hearing held at its weekly meeting. The new license was issued to Shangri-La, LLC.

TJ Cameron, a Brandon resident, represented the Missouri-based company at the hearing.

“[My partner and I] were approached by multiple other applicants because we hold a property that was pretty desirable in Minnehaha County,” said Cameron during the hearing.

Shangri-La’s new dispensary, according to their application, will be located at 27103 Independence Ave in southwestern Sioux Falls just off Interstate 29. Cameron said their property ended up not winning Minnehaha County’s single license to dispense medical marijuana, but he and his partner went through a vetting process and landed on Nevil Patel with Shangri-La.

Cameron informed county commissioners he toured their facilities in Missouri and was “impressed” by their inventory process. He says he hasn’t seen security plans that compare to Shangri-La’s.

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“They have a double checking vestibule, where the patient comes in the front door and IDs are checked,” said Cameron. “The process for each state varies slightly, but it’s taken care of in that secure area, with

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