New Survey Finds Dispensary Workers Want to Educate Customers, But Owners Prioritize Sales – Green Entrepreneur

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A new study by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers indicates that despite a commitment by dispensary workers to educate users about medical cannabis, dispensaries often prioritize sales over education and the level of on-the-job training at dispensaries is notably uneven.


“If the results are confirmed by a larger, quantitative study, they obligate the medical community to ensure patients have reliable sources of guidance about medical cannabis,” said the study authors. “Patients with cancer are using cannabis for medical purposes – and oncology teams tend to offer little guidance about its use – patients are often turning for advice from staff at cannabis dispensaries.”

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About the study

The study was published online by the journal JCO Oncology Practice and is based on accurate interviews with 26 workers at cannabis dispensaries in 13 states. Researchers conducted phone interviews with employees on positions as managers, and consumer experience.

“Our study opens the door to discussing that we as clinicians may not be able to completely defer responsibility for advising patients to the dispensaries,” said Ilana Braun, MD, the study’s first author and a physician

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