New York Bill Would Outlaw Some Cannabis Billboard Advertisements

A bill in New York seeks to outlaw some roadside billboards for cannabis advertising and would impose fines of up to $2,500 for violations. According to the Justification linked to the proposal, Assemblyman Scott Gray (R) introduced the measure after seeing a billboard in his district that resembled the famous “Got Milk?” advertising campaign popular during the 1990s.

In the Justification, Gray writes that the Got Milk campaign was directed at teenagers and the “Got Weed?” billboard is aimed at that same demographic.  

“The rollout Office of Cannabis Management has included many delays, turmoil and confusion. A concern of many New Yorkers is that advertisements of many cannabis products will be geared towards adolescents, including those who may not even be of legal age to possess cannabis or cannabis products.” — Gray in the Justification for A.8200 

Office of Cannabis Management regulations finalized earlier this year include a ban on cannabis billboards, except those that conduct retail sales or delivery – and those signs can only include business information. Gray’s bill would “not prohibit the signage for retail operations, rather specific product advertising,” the Justification states.  

The measure is currently in the Assembly

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