New York Cannabis: An Update

A lot of things have happened since our State of the State for New York’s cannabis industry. Of course, the one thing we have all been waiting for has not happened yet, which is the release of the first draft of the adult-use rules and regulations. Now that we are approaching the start of spring, it seems like a good time to go over 2022 developments.

Adult use regulations expected very soon

All recent public statements have set the release of New York’s adult-use rules and regulations in late winter/early spring. Cannabis Control Board (CCB) Chair Tremaine Wright has repeated that estimate during the ongoing Cannabis Conversations hosted by the CCB. Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) Executive Director Christopher Alexander was quoted saying the same thing. It’s late winter now, so the expectation is that the rules and regulations will be out in the next few weeks.

Conditional adult use cultivator and processors licenses were approved

On February 22, 2022 Governor Hochul signed Senate Bill S8084A, which enables existing licensed hemp growers and processors to cultivate and process cannabis under one of two types of temporary licenses:

a temporary conditional cultivator license to process and distribute cannabis flower products

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