New York Community College Offering Cannabis Certificate Courses

Plattsburgh, New York’s Clinton County Community College (CCC) is now offering three certificate courses focused on the cannabis industry as part of a partnership with cannabis education company Green Flower, the Press-Republican reports. The programs include an advanced manufacturing agent certificate, advanced dispensary associate certificate, and advanced cultivation technician certificate.  

Each of the programs run eight weeks, are entirely online, and cost $900. Students must be at least 18 years old to enroll in the programs.    

Angela Kelley, community and workforce specialist at CCC, told the Press-Republican that officials at Clinton believe backyard growers would likely also take the cultivation course. 

“So that they had the opportunity to not only, you know, have successful plantings, but be safe health wise … in what they were producing so that there wasn’t any kind of cross contamination to where they go to use the product, and then they become ill, because it was not cultivated properly.” — Kelley to the Press-Republican 

Vice President of Higher Education at Green Flower, Daniel Kalef, told the Press-Republican that CCC’s leadership “sees the value in providing students a pathway to become certified to work

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