New York is set to open cannabis dispensaries in 2022. What to know. – The Journal News

By the end of the year, New Yorkers are set to be able to legally buy cannabis for recreational use, and the dispensaries selling those products will be owned by people most affected by harsh drug laws.

As the state’s cannabis industry rolls out — estimated to generate billions in tax revenue, New York officials aim to avert what’s happened with legalization in other states, where those who entered the market had existing means to start businesses. This meant low-income communities of color most affected by the war on drugs were left out.

“We’re going to take those barriers head on,” Chris Alexander, executive director of the state Office of Cannabis Management, told the USA Today Network New York. “We’re not going to wait to see how the market plays out. We’re not going to wait to see how folks get a chance to participate.”

New Yorkers will soon have to navigate a variety of cannabis licenses, funds to start businesses and policies meant to address historic racist practices in law enforcement.

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