New York Issues First Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation Licenses

Yesterday, April 14, 2022 marked a historic event for New York’s adult-use cannabis industry: during the eighth Cannabis Control Board (CCB) meeting, the CCB issued the first adult-use cannabis licenses. The licenses: 52 conditional adult-use cultivation licenses based on the conditional license type rolled out by the CCB and Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) earlier this year.

Beyond the fact that this is a significant event simply because there are licensed commercial adult-use cannabis activities in New York for the first time, the issuance of these licenses means that New York may have product ready for dispensary sales in 2022 (assuming there are licensed dispensaries this year). A significant motivation for getting these licenses out so quickly was to allow cultivators the opportunity to grow during the current grow cycle.

As a brief refresher on how we got here, the CCB opened the conditional adult-use cultivator application portal on March 15, 2022. To date, 150 applications have been received and, as of March 31, 2022, the OCM completed its review and recommended 52 licenses be awarded. Which is not to say the OCM and CCB are done issuing conditional adult-use cultivator licenses: they will continue reviewing applications on a rolling

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