New York To Start Accepting Dispensary Applications This Month – High Times

New York’s Office of Cannabis Management said Thursday that it will begin accepting applications for adult-use cannabis retail licenses later this month.

Would-be dispensary owners will be able to submit their applications beginning on August 25. The application is scheduled to close on September 26.

In the announcement on Thursday, the agency reminded applicants that “New York’s first legal adult-use retail dispensaries will be operated by those most impacted by the enforcement of the prohibition of cannabis, who will make the first sales of adult-use cannabis in New York with products grown by New York farmers,” a key tenet of the state’s “Seeding Opportunity Initiative” that was unveiled earlier this year.

“Today’s announcement brings us to the precipice of legal, licensed cannabis sales in New York State,” Tremaine Wright, chair of the state Cannabis Control Board, said in a statement on Thursday. “With the Seeding Opportunity Initiative, New York has affirmed our commitment to making sure the first sales are conducted by those harmed by prohibition. We’re writing a new playbook for what an equitable launch of a cannabis industry looks like, and hope future states follow our lead.”

The board said that prospective applicants must meet the following qualifications

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