Newly-Released Security Footage Shows Suspect Shoot At Dispensary Employee During Robbery – KWTV

One week after a metro dispensary was robbed, security footage of the crime was released by Oklahoma City police. Authorities said the suspect got away with thousands of dollars.

Big Buds Cannabis Co. gave News 9 the complete security footage. The store general manager’s, Zachary Seresinhe, said the suspect greeted the employee with a smile before he pulled out a gun.

The suspect was inside the store for just over six minutes. During that time, he took nearly $20,000 in cash with him as he walked out the door.

The suspect also left behind a terrified employee and customer who unknowingly walked in the middle of the robbery.

“I don’t think there’s one emotion to summation it. It’s just a lot of different ones,” Seresinhe said. “Lots of fear and now anger, frustration.”

Emotions still run high a week after the suspect walked into the dispensary. It was a visit that initially began like any other.

“I mean he walked in and was friendly for the first four or five seconds,” Seresinhe said. “He was like, ‘Hey man, how’s it going?’ He gets up just a few feet, and then pulls the gun out.”

The budtender’s shock can be seen in he realizes he’s staring down

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