NJCRC Approves 70 New Licenses and Final Cannabis Consumption Lounge Rules – Heady NJ

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) approved 70 adult-use dispensary, manufacturing, cultivation, wholesaling, deliveries, distribution, licenses, and consumption lounge rules which go into effect next month.

NJ Conditional Cannabis License Winners

NJCRC Executive Director Jeff Brown said 22 New Jersey conditional cannabis licenses were about to be approved, including new license categories. Thus, the NJCRC approved the first 2 Wholesalers, 1 Distributor, and 1 Delivery license.

He explained their very thorough process of investigating the following applications:

1 3437 Elevated Esential’s Cultivator Microbusiness

2 3043 Endure Exotics LLC Cultivator Microbusiness

3 5644 Equality Richman Estates Cultivator Microbusiness

4 4364 Garden River Inc Cultivator Microbusiness

5 4939 High End Gardens Cultivator Microbusiness

6 5083 Greenway Systems LLC Cultivator Standard

7 2954 Suave Genetics LLC Cultivator Standard

8 5517 Garden River Inc Manufacturer Microbusiness

9 5222 The Chandler Collection Manufacturer Microbusiness

10 5545 Green Street Cultivation LLC Wholesaler Microbusiness

11 5086 87K Transport Wholesaler Standard

12 5087 87K Transport Distributor Standard

13 5241 Endure Exotics LLC Retailer Microbusiness

14 5004 feels good dispensary Retailer Microbusiness

15 4145 Green Eyed Chief Retailer Microbusiness

16 5366 Axis Wellness LLC Retailer Standard

17 5973 Emerald Isle Dispensary LLC Retailer Standard


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