Norridge’s approves first cannabis dispensary for site near Harlem … – Chicago Tribune

Norridge trustees on Sept. 27 approved the village’s first marijuana dispensary in a strip mall across the street from Harlem Irving Plaza.

Euphoria LLC, 4113 N. Harlem Ave., is expected to generate about $150,000 to $200,000 a year in tax revenue for Norridge, Village President Daniel Tannhauser said.


“That’s going off of what other villages have collected per dispensary,” Tannhauser said. “It all depends on sales. It will be nice to see that revenue.”

The Norridge Village Board quietly approved a motion issuing a retail license and an ordinance creating the license and approving Euphoria’s application.


Both the motion and the ordinance were tucked into a long list of measure that the Board voted on; it did not consider the cannabis dispensary on its own.

Norridge officials downplayed the votes as routine business, with trustees saying the village did not seek a dispensary and created the legal templates for allowing dispensaries just in case they were approached with a proposal for one.

“It’s not a big deal,” Tannhauser said. “I thought it was a big thing and everyone would want to do it. I’m surprised at the lack of interest. I thought someone would come in sooner.”

About a year ago, Norridge approved an ordinance creating two

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