Northampton City Council institutes cap on dispensaries – Reminder Publications

NORTHAMPTON — After months of debate and deliberations, as well as testimony from the public and city stakeholders, the City Council voted to institute a limit on cannabis dispensaries in the city.

The regulation, which was approved by a 6-3 vote, will limit Northampton to 12 dispensaries, but some exceptions still remain, and the new rule does not apply to anyone who already has a dispensary open. It only applies to future shops.


Northampton currently features 11 dispensaries after a 12th one, The Source, officially shuttered in December.

The cannabis market within the city has been under enormous scrutiny since the summer when a proposal for a cannabis store in Florence on 143 Main St. ignited a public outcry from citizens who occupied the area.

When the Florence shop — named Euphorium LLC — was proposed in the summer, residents living in that area expressed opposition to the idea of a dispensary in their neighborhood, citing concerns about cannabis addiction, their suspected influence of cannabis on children and families in the area, as well as a belief that 12 dispensaries are more than enough.

When caps were discussed in 2018, the council decided to not institute

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