Norwegian Activists Brought Cannabis to the Parliament—Now What?

CANNABIS CULTURE – Thursday 22 September was historic. 

On this day, the Alliance for Rights-Oriented Drug Policies (AROD) and the Patient Association for Safe Cannabis Use (PASCAN) held a demonstration for accountability in drug policy.

On behalf of the politically persecuted and discriminated groups, as well as employees of the police and prosecution authorities, the relationship between the Royal Commission’s detection of public panic and human rights violations was explained, and constitutional principles declared to invalidate differential treatment from alcohol.

Not only is there a presumption of freedom in the Constitution, which means that
punishment must be defended, but the hypocrisy in the drug field has fatal consequences.
Prohibitionists have not explained why cannabis users must be deprived of autonomy, or
how society is served by criminalization. No one has ever shown what a cannabis grower has
done that is worse than a brewer of alcohol, yet potentially life-ruining penalties are

A paradigm shift

This is problematic. Punishment must be justified, and according to the report of the Royal
Commission on Drug Policy Reform, the burden of proof rests with the state. It is up to those
who want to use violence and excessive authority to explain why two types of morality in the
drug policy equals justice, but the prohibitionists shy away from

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