Not One California Dispensary Caught Selling to Minors, Study Shows – High Times

The perpetual myth that dispensaries are selling weed to minors refuses to die, but evidence shows this isn’t the case in California. Instead, adult-use dispensaries in the state are proving the system works by checking IDs as required by state law.

A new study disproves the theory that dispensaries make it easier for teens to get cannabis. Researchers sent out undercover patrons who looked underage to 50 randomly selected dispensaries in California to see if they could get weed without first furnishing an ID, as required. All dispensaries involved passed the test, which researchers admitted was “somewhat surprising.”

In California, people 18-20 with a doctor’s recommendation and any adult 21 and over can purchase cannabis.

The study, entitled “What is the likelihood that underage youth can obtain marijuana from licensed recreational marijuana outlets in California, a state where recreational marijuana is legal?” was published in the Journal of Safety Research and made available online on May 18.

“It appears that licensed recreational marijuana outlets in California are checking young patrons for identification of their age,” said the researchers involved in the study. “Therefore, it is unlikely that youth are purchasing marijuana directly from these outlets. It is more likely they

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