Not So Fast My Friend: Alabama Medical Commission Halts Issuance of Integrated (and Probably Dispensary) Licenses – The National Law Review

Hold the phones, Alabama medical cannabis integrated applicants (and probably dispensary licensees). Last night the Montgomery County Circuit Court issued three orders that will at least temporarily pause the issuance of the integrated (and, again likely, dispensary) licenses:

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is temporarily restrained from issuing the medical cannabis licenses it awarded at its December 12, 2023, meeting.
  Expedited written discovery and six depositions will be permitted until January 19.
  There will be a preliminary injunction hearing at 9:30 a.m. CT in Montgomery on January 24 to hear arguments on the issuance of the licenses.

Who will be the six deponents? What interesting information, if any, will be revealed? Is this a bombshell or a nothing-burger? Will the commission seek to avoid the discovery?

Buckle up. The next three weeks should be something. You know where to find us.

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