Ohio Medical Board Reviewing More Conditions to Add to Medical Marijuana Program

Ohio’s medical marijuana program has been plagued by delays and setbacks. But now, things appear to moving forward—even if at a sluggish pace. And amid all the confusion, the program could be on the verge of becoming more accessible to a broader range of patients. That’s because state officials are considering adding new health conditions to Ohio’s medical marijuana program.

Ohio Could Approve New Qualifying Health Conditions

Under Ohio’s current laws, only patients with one of a predefined set of health conditions can qualify for medical marijuana. Now, the list of conditions that qualify for the program is on the verge of expanding.

As reported by local news sources, Ohio’s medical board is currently reviewing a number of new petitions. Specifically, these petitions request that new health conditions be added to the state’s medical marijuana program.

Candidates for inclusion on the list include opioid addiction, autism, depression, and a number of other ailments and conditions.

As per local sources, the state’s medical board is meeting today to review these petitions. All requests that meet the state’s initial legal requirements will advance on to additional reviews.

Then, if all goes well in later-stage reviews, the petitions will be approved. Finally, if

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