Ohio Senate bill would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell legal pot amongst other changes – 10TV

Part of the bill includes reducing the number of marijuana plants a household could grow from 12 to six.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gov. Mike DeWine is urging the Ohio House to pass a bill that would change some aspects of Issue 2, the ballot measure that voters passed to legalize recreational marijuana.

The measure passed in November by receiving 57% of the vote. The new law, which takes effect at midnight Thursday, allows adults 21 and older to buy and possess cannabis and to grow plants at home.

Earlier this week, Republicans proposed nixing home grow, increasing taxes and other changes. 

After facing backlash, a senate bill proposed the following changes, which appear to be less extreme than previous discussions:

Six plants per house (down from 12)Immediate sales at medical dispensariesProvide expungement of marijuana possession convictions upon requestProtects voter approved possession limits and THC limit for plant-based material

DeWine called for the immediate passage of the bill. The Senate passed by the bill, but the House still needs to vote on it, which will not happen until next week.

The governor added added that the majority of

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