Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Will Soon Change Their Shingle And Include Recreational Weed Sales As $1B … – Benzinga


It’s been seven months since Ohioans overwhelmingly voted to approve Issue 2, the initiative that legalized adult-use marijuana. While the law went into effect in December 2023, retails sales did not, could not, begin immediately due to regulatory requirements.

Things Are Finally Moving

Ohio’s medical marijuana dispensaries are now in the process of obtaining new licenses that will allow them to sell recreational cannabis. These dual-use licenses – only available to medical marijuana license holders – are being processed by the Ohio Division of Cannabis Control on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application process opened on June 7 and, as of last Friday, 219 applications were filed by shop owners hoping to open their doors to all adults across Ohio.

Produce It First And They Will Come, Be Patient

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s public information officer Jamie Crawford said that eight facilities, including testing labs, cultivators and processors have already qualified for provisional licenses. They are being prioritized over opening cannabis dispensaries so the industry will be prepared to the meet demand when sales finally do begin.

That said, Ohio is expecting at least 130 new shops to open in the coming months as the Cannabis Control processes the influx of applications from wanna-be recreational

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