Oklahoma Law Would Fast-Track Medical Marijuana Licenses For Terminally Ill Patients

An Oklahoma lawmaker is proposing a new law that would expedite the process for terminally ill patients to obtain a license to use medical marijuana. Under a bill introduced by Republican state Sen. Rob Standridge of Norman, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority would have up to five days to issue medical marijuana identification cards to qualified terminally ill patients.

“I find the areas in which we can really help people with the medical marijuana, and one of those is end of life,” said Standridge.

He said that he believed shortening the time that terminally ill patients waited to receive their identification cards would allow for the more effective use of medical marijuana.

“I’m going to run legislation or have legislation geared up for those that are terminally ill,” he said. “Hospice and those types of scenarios — they can get it expedited.”

Under current state law, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has up to 14 days to process patient applications for a license. The agency has said that applications are now being processed in an average of about nine days.

“If somebody has six weeks or a few months to live, certainly we ought to get them relief faster,” said

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