Oklahoma Lawsuit Seeks to Prevent Release of Medical Cannabis Information to Police

When Oklahoma Senate Bill 1030 takes effect on August 29, it will introduce changes to the way the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) shares information with law enforcement agencies. And those changes, argue the plaintiffs in an Oklahoma lawsuit, will put patient health data at risk. SB 1030 requires OMMA to provide law enforcement with all of the information displayed on medical marijuana licenses. That includes patient licenses, which contain sensitive medical information, as well as business licenses. Police and other agencies would then be able to look up the license information online.

Proponents of the changes say it will make things easier for police in the event they detect cannabis during a traffic stop. Critics say the information will single out medical marijuana license holders and change how law enforcement officers treat patients during traffic stops.

New Law Puts Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Information at Risk

Senate Bill 1030 was passed back in May and is slated to take effect at the end of the month. Most of the bill concerns itself with zoning regulations, but there’s a provision regarding medical marijuana licenses.

A close look at the language of the bill reveals a problematic discrepancy. On the one hand,

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