Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Sue Facebook For Disabling Business Pages

A group of cannabis businesses in Tulsa say they have been negatively affected by social media bans, and they are no longer taking the alleged discrimination lying down. Led by the Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe, eight dispensaries have announced that they are suing Facebook executives over what they call “a pattern of targeting the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.”

The companies are asking for a court order that would prevent the social media site from further targeting their pages, and $75,000 in economic harm.

“Facebook has an arbitrary, subjective, discriminatory and archaic policy and their policy does not apply to all,” reads the lawsuit’s complaint. “It is just random. Or at least it appears to be random. There is no way for an individual or a business to contact anyone within Facebook to get assistance. They hide behind their keyboards and mete out whatever punishment they feel if they find that you have committed an infraction to their subjective community standards.”

The Tulsa businesses say that Oklahoma cannabis companies have been unfairly targeted. “The defendants pick and choose what is against community standards and what is not,” wrote the lawsuit’s original plaintiff, Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe owner Danna Malone. “They do

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