On Eve Of Legalization, Mexican Cannabis Activists Camp Out In Front of Senate

On Thursday, the date Mexico’s Supreme Court set as the legislature’s deadline to pass a law legalizing adult use cannabis, advocates blocked the door of the Mexican Senate. In a steady rain, they called on legislators to pass fair and just marijuana regulation. A chant rose up with tendrils of smoke from the joints dotting the crowd: “Las cosas sencillas, yo quiero mis semillas.” (“It’s simple, I want my seeds.”) Mexican cannabis activists had declared that they would not be ignored as lawmakers deliberate over the country’s marijuana regulations.

It was the fifth day of the camp that activists had erected in front of the Senate building on Mexico City’s central avenue, Paseo de la Reforma. But the plantón, as such demonstrations are referred to in Mexico, was not just an attempt to put pressure on legislators to comply with the deadline given to them by the Supreme Court. They also wanted it to be clear that they want the legislation proposed last week by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s Morena Party to be revised to center the rights of cannabis users and the Mexican marijuana industry.

Last week, Morena Party legislators presented a draft of legislation that would legalize

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