One Hit Too Many? How to Deal with an Anxiety Overload

These days, medical cannabis patients worldwide are turning to premium bud to treat their anxiety. Research has suggested that the right cannabis strains consumed at the right time can be surprisingly effective anxiety treatment. 

Still, it’s also no secret that overdoing it with cannabis in general can be a common anxiety trigger.  Even in those who don’t normally suffer from anxiety, one toke too many can trigger a quite unpleasant episode.

For some, it’s all part and parcel of the experience. Anxiety and paranoia being a staple aspect of the stoner experience, just like the munchies or couch-lock.  Experienced infrequently, the occasional bout of mild pot-induced anxiety isn’t the end of the world. But when you find yourself dealing with a seriously overpowering anxiety overload, it’s a different story entirely.

Anxiety Triggers

Truth is, nobody really knows why cannabis is more likely to trigger bouts of anxiety in some people than others. Nevertheless, research has pinpointed a bunch of common triggers that are known to increase the likelihood of experiencing an anxiety attack.

For example, if you’re already feeling stressed and generally strung out, hitting the wrong cannabis strain could bring on feelings of anxiety. If there’s something you’re

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