Opinion | Blowing smoke on DC's 'gifting ' business – The Washington Post

Regarding the April 6 Metro article “Council votes down bill targeting pot ‘gifting’ shops”:

The proposal that D.C. restrict businesses that make a gift of marijuana with a purchase was a clear case of a noncompetitive business trying to use its political connections to eliminate the competition. If the business of the medical marijuana dispensaries is eroding, it is because prices are too high and customers have found more economical alternatives, i.e., “gifting businesses.” The D.C. Council was right to reject the bill.

The complaints of the dispensary owners ring hollow. The April 5 Metro article “District may target businesses ‘gifting’ pot” quoted one dispensary owner whining, “They simply engage in behaviors that we simply cannot engage in” — that is, selling at a more reasonable price. It is not believable that customers shun the dispensaries because they lack “flashing neon signs.”

The problem is that the dispensary owners have flashing dollar signs in their eyes. No one believes that greater assurance of quality is a driving factor. The dispensary owners are

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