Opinion: Redwood City needs to do a better job scrutinizing applications for cannabis store permits – The Daily Post


Daily Post Editor

Remember Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon, where all of the children are above average?

Redwood City has released a list of applicants for the six licenses it will issue for cannabis stores, and every one of them got a rating of 85% or better in the first round (see chart at bottom).

City Manager Melissa Stevenson Diaz’s list says 15 of the 27 applicants got scores better than 99%, and three received perfect scores.

Wow! How could the city go wrong when picking the six winners? Everybody is above average, just like the kids in Lake Wobegon.

But a little digging shows some of the applicants getting high ratings have significant problems.

Take TAT Redwood City, also known as The Artist Tree, a Los Angeles operator trying to get a foothold in Northern California.

As the Post reported on Friday, a lawsuit in Fresno accuses TAT of lying on its application there. TAT is accused of using a fake local owner to get more points in the Fresno rating system.

How did that lawsuit slip by the people in Stevenson Diaz’s office, who gave TAT a 100% score?

It should be noted

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