Oregon Cannabis: What to Expect from OLCC This Fall

Fall is always eventful in Oregon cannabis. Croptober is an Oregon cannabis tradition— hopefully the crops come in lee of any wildfires. We also have administrative rulemaking annually once summer winds down, typically with public input via multiple rules advisory committees (RACs). That’s what I’m here to discuss.

This year, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) likely will look at, to start: temporary rules it had adopted under the Governor’s clumsy tax compliance mandate; the 2023 legislative session’s new cannabis laws; leftover business from the 2022 session, and certain COVID-era policies. I say “likely” because the Commission’s call for participation was vague, soliciting only “varied perspectives, backgrounds and expertise.” It did not identify topics for rulemaking.

All of this will take place while new Commission leadership awaits the “audit of the audit” commissioned by the Oregon Department of Justice, and conducted by a Sacramento law firm. Whether and when DOJ will release those findings — on potential corruption in the Secretary of State’s recent review of Oregon’s cannabis program– is anyone’s guess. Fallout from the La Mota scandal continues unabated in any case.

But life must go on. Below are a few of the rulemaking issues I am looking

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