Oregon Could Soon Be Able to Export Cannabis Across State Lines

Oregon could begin exporting cannabis to other states with legal pot by 2021 under a proposal being developed by state legislators and a cannabis industry trade group. Adam Smith, the executive director and founder of the Craft Cannabis Alliance, hopes to have a bill to put before lawmakers in the new year. He believes that other states with legal cannabis represent a potential new opportunity for Oregon growers.

“There are plenty of markets that would be thrilled to have world-class cannabis,” Smith said. “But prohibition keeps us from sending it into those markets.”

Under state law, cannabis grown in Oregon must remain in the state’s regulated marketplace. But a glut of legal pot in Oregon has caused prices to plummet, hurting small growers and igniting fears that the oversupply would enter the black market. With the legislation being drafted, the governor would be able to create agreements with other states with legal cannabis to import from Oregon.

Smith says that allowing cannabis growers to export would help local independent cultivators.

“When we do get to export, is there any ownership here, are we building wealth here, or are we just shipping money out-of-state?” Smith said. “If you got to export tomorrow,

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