Oregon Marijuana: OLCC to Adopt “Fix-it or Ticket” Approach for Some Rule Violations

Last month, along with streamlined licensing, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) announced a significant (and welcome) change to its compliance function by instituting a new Verification of Compliance program (VOC) that will focus on education rather than penalties for certain types of marijuana rule violations. The VOC launched in early October and arose from meetings with the industry this past summer. The OLCC is in the process of formal permanent rulemaking for the VOC program, which I expect will take several months.

The VOC program allows OLCC inspectors to issue VOC paperwork (the “ticket”) to licensees for a select number of violations. Where the licensee is able to fix the problem within the required timeframe, the OLCC will not commence further proceedings against the licensee. This is great news! But beware– the OLCC reserves discretion to pursue “ticket” violations if a licensee shows a general disregard for rules and laws. So licensees should not treat cavalierly rule violations which may qualify for a “fix-it ticket.”

What kinds rule violations may qualify for the VOC? The OLCC identified four criteria relevant to this determination.

The violation must be potentially fixable, i.e. the licensee has the capability of fixing

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