Oregon’s New Cannabis Laws: 2022 Edition

The 2022 Oregon legislative session was huge for Oregon cannabis. It adjourned sine die on Friday, March 4. We’ve been writing about it all the while, and you can find previous coverage in the links at the bottom of this blog post. Today I’ll cover the four marquee pieces of new legislation and talk about two bills that failed.

HB 4016 – PASSED. Marijuana license moratoria

This is one of the most consequential pieces of Oregon cannabis legislation, ever. It can also be understood as evidence of regulatory capture by industry. This bill started as a proposal to re-instate a moratorium on marijuana producer licenses, but quickly morphed into a mortarium on all license types, along with a retroactive ban on virtually all OLCC marijuana license applications from January 2, 2022. Pretty amazing. You can read my full take on HB 4016, including the bill’s half-assed nod at social equity, here.

HB 1564 – PASSED. Local hemp license opt-out

They almost did it with hemp too. SB 1564 initially proposed a controversial, statewide moratorium on ODA hemp grower licenses. As passed, however, it merely allows county commissions to request that ODA deny hemp license applications if those counties declare a

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