Out Of The Shackles And Into The Industry: Coss Marte’s CONBUD Dispensary Is Coming To NYC – Forbes

One of the fun parts of being a columnist here at Forbes is discovering extraordinary new people who are getting epic work done. One person who recently popped up on my radar is Coss Marte. Coss grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and traded cannabis in the legacy market until the War on Weed put him in prison for four years.

He had a young son at the time and was inspired to use his time inside to improve himself. He lost weight. He exercised. He put on some serious muscle. He educated himself. And he taught others to do the same by creating a prison-style bootcamp called CONBODY, which helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated folks get in shape and make a living teaching others how to work out.

Through the CONBODY FOUNDATION, Coss has expanded upon the original concept of CONBODY in further pursuit of this mission, providing fitness & CSR programs as well as wraparound reentry services for returning citizens. CONBODY has worked with over 100 formerly incarcerated professionals with a 0% recidivism rate.

Now, he has set his eye on the legal cannabis industry in New

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