Owner of new, Black-owned dispensary in Springfield hopes to ‘destigmatize cannabis use’ – Connecticut Public

As Payton Shubrick gets ready for the grand opening of her cannabis dispensary, 6 Bricks, in Springfield on Saturday, she said she’s keeping in mind the fraught history of how cannabis possession disproportionately affected people of color.

“We’re acknowledging a checkered history, but we’re trying to progress forward with an inclusive future, which is to say we understand what happened and we want to create something new here for those that were both impacted positively or negatively and progress forward with that understanding,” Shubrick said.

6 Bricks is only one of four minority and women-owned retailers in Massachusetts, according to the Cannabis Control Commission.

Shubrick said she wants to engage the Springfield community by offering educational events for people to learn about the different effects each cannabis strain has and how it impacts the body.

She said she’s hoping to destigmatize cannabis use and, instead, “leverage it for economic growth” in downtown Springfield.

The name ‘6 Bricks’ is a play off Shubrick’s last name and the six members of her family who are also helping her run the business.

Shubrick said she secured their host community agreement, which is required for any cannabis retailer under state law, in 2019, but after the pandemic

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