Hamilton updates zoning in preparation for recreational marijuana – Ravalli Republic

None of Ravalli County’s three largest incorporated towns currently allow the sale of medical marijuana within town limits.

That will change in Hamilton on Jan. 1, when a new state law will allow adults to purchase recreational cannabis at licensed dispensaries.

The Hamilton City Council approved zoning changes last week that establishes two areas inside the city where licensed marijuana dispensaries will be allowed under certain conditions.

Both Darby and Stevensville currently are in a holding pattern and won’t allow the sale of recreational marijuana inside town limits for the time being.

Hamilton City Planner Matthew Rohrbach said the city’s zoning commission and council have been working for several months on local regulations and guidelines for different marijuana businesses, including dispensaries and marijuana manufacturers.

Commercial marijuana cultivation will not be allowed inside city limits.

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Hamilton currently does not allow medical marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in town, but under the updated ordinances marijuana can be sold by licensed businesses in commercially zoned areas along Highway 93 and the downtown business district.

Under state law, the marijuana dispensaries can not be located within 500 feet of and on the same street as a

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Effort underway to overturn Sweden law blocking marijuana dispensaries, lounges – WXXI News

The Sweden Town Board has spoken, and it doesn’t want cannabis dispensaries and lounges within its borders for the time being. But opponents of the move have launched an effort to force a public referendum on the measure.

The state laws that legalized adult possession and consumption of cannabis, and that provide a framework to establish legal sales in the state, also allow towns, villages, and cities in New York to opt out of hosting dispensaries and lounges. That’s what Sweden officials did on Nov. 9.

But a cannabis industry executive and consultant who owns a potential dispensary, as well as a municipal and land-use attorney from Irondequoit, are working with Sweden residents to pass petitions to hold a referendum on the town taking advantage of the opt-out law.

“I want to be able to do it in my own backyard and bring this industry to New York — bringing safe access, education, entrepreneurial opportunities. And then obviously there’s a lot of tax revenue that comes with it as well,” said Karen Tobin, a resident of nearby Kendall, Orleans County.

In September, Tobin and her business partner bought the former Citizens Bank building at the corner of Route 31 and Route 19 with hopes

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Here’s The Chemistry Behind Marijuana’s Skunky Scent

Scientists have finally sniffed out the molecules behind marijuana’s skunky aroma.

The heady bouquet that wafts off of fresh weed is actually a cocktail of hundreds of fragrant compounds. The most prominent floral, citrusy and piney overtones come from a common class of molecules called terpenes, says analytical chemist Iain Oswald of Abstrax Tech, a private company in Tustin, Calif., that develops terpenes for cannabis products (SN: 4/30/18). But the source of that funky ganja note has been hard to pin down.

Now, an analysis is the first to identify a group of sulfur compounds in cannabis that account for the skunklike scent, researchers report November 12 in ACS Omega.

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Missouri dispensaries bring in over $25 million in November — Greenway Magazine – Greenway

Missouri’s growing medical marijuana market shows no signs of slowing down

Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries set another sales record in the month of November, bringing in over $100 million in revenue in the last 5 months alone. November marks the fifth consecutive month of +$20 million retail revenues and the seventh straight month of retail revenue growth.

November set a new sales record, climbing 7.36% over the prior month, bringing in $25.95 million in retail revenue. November sales boosted the program’s cumulative total to $186.17 million and the year-to-date total to just over $180.84 million.


Missouri will likely break the $200 million mark in both cumulative sales and 2021 annual sales in December.

In addition to retail growth, the program has seen an uptick over the last several months with the number of facilities approved to operate climbing quickly. 

Missouri has approved the operation of 32 dispensaries, 15 manufacturing licenses, 7 cultivation licenses, and a testing facility – just since October 1.

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New Mexico Approves Public Financing For Cannabis Businesses

New Mexico will provide business loans of up to $250,00 toward small-scale cannabis businesses in an effort to provide economic opportunity to communities that were hit hard by past criminal enforcement of marijuana laws.

New Mexico will provide business loans of up to $250,00 toward small-scale cannabis businesses in an effort to provide economic opportunity to communities that were hit hard by past criminal enforcement of marijuana laws.

The Regulation and Licensing Department on Thursday announced that the loan program is moving forward, after a legislative panel provided approval this week.

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Webster supervisor approves of marijuana dispensaries but not lounges in town – Spectrum News

WEBSTER, N.Y. — Webster Town Supervisor Tom Flaherty says he supports allowing marijuana to be sold at dispensaries. However, he says he doesn’t support allowing lounges within town limits.

All municipalities in New York are automatically opted into the state’s new legalized marijuana laws unless they opt out by the end of the year.

The town is expected to hold its next meeting on its plans on December 16.

Flaherty was previously against dispensary sales.

To see the full list of municipalities in New York and whether they have made a decision on the issue, click here.

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Gage Growth Corp. Announces DTC Eligibility and Closing of Sturgis Dispensary – KPVI News 6

DETROIT, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Gage Growth Corp. (“Gage” or the “Company”) (CSE: GAGE) (OTCQX: GAEGF), a leading high-quality cannabis premium brand and operator in Michigan, is pleased to announce that its subordinate voting shares have been approved for DTC full-service eligibility in the United States by the Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) and can now be both traded and serviced through DTC’s electronic book-entry system.

DTC is a subsidiary of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. that provides clearing and settlement services for the financial markets and settles the majority of securities transactions in the United States. This electronic method of clearing securities speeds up the receipt of stock and cash, and thus accelerates the settlement process for investors and brokers, enabling the stock to be traded over a much wider selection of brokerage firms.

“This is another important milestone in making Gage’s shares accessible to the widest audience possible,” said Fabian Monaco, CEO of Gage. “Being DTC eligible will simplify and enhance the process for transferring the Company’s shares between brokerages in the United States and will provide increased liquidity.”

Closing of the Sturgis Dispensary Acquisition

The Company is also pleased to announce that it has closed its acquisition of a

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Copperstate Farms Finalizes Agreement to Acquire Fifth Dispensary Location – White Mountain Independent

PHOENIX — Copperstate Farms Management, LLC, a vertically integrated cannabis operator based in Arizona, has finalized an agreement with Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc., to acquire management rights and control of its Phoenix dispensary license.

The $15 million sale agreement of Green Goods at 22041 N. 23rd Ave., includes remaining inventory and equipment, Phoenix dispensary property lease, and all revenue-producing contracts. The acquisition increases Copperstate Farms’ retail footprint to five dispensaries under the Sol Flower banner. The brand’s four other locations include a multi-use dispensary concept in Sun City, featuring a public-facing classroom and café, as well as two stores in Tempe, and one in Scottsdale.

“Sol Flower is known for its wide selection of quality, trusted cannabis products and knowledgeable retail team. We’re thrilled to bring this experience and high-level of service to the Deer Valley community,” said Dan Hayden, director of Retail Operations at Copperstate Farms.

Since its establishment in 2016, Copperstate Farms has focused on growing its market presence solely within Arizona. This has allowed the company to scale and diversify its product suites independently with a targeted approach.

“Our goal is to be the leading cannabis brand in Arizona, one that is recognized not only for our expansive cultivation, but

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