Trump Administration Officials Meet To Discuss Possible Ban On Flavored Vapes

Officials with the Trump administration said on Wednesday that the federal government would ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes, according to media reports. Alex M. Azar II, the secretary of Health and Human Services, and Dr. Ned Sharpless, the acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, made the announcement with President Trump in the Oval Office Wednesday morning.

“The vaping has become a very big business, as I understand it, like a giant business in a very short period of time. But we can’t allow people to get sick and we can’t have our youth be so affected,” the president said.

“We’re going to have to do something about it,” he added.

Azar said that in the coming weeks the administration would announce a plan to remove most flavored e-cigarettes from the US market. Few details of the plan were revealed on Wednesday, but officials said that it may include a ban on menthol and mint-flavored e-cigarettes, which have been some of the most popular flavors for vaping products.

Administration Hopes Ban Will Protect Kids

Azar said in a statement that the administration was acting to protect the health of children.

“The Trump Administration is making it clear that

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Germany Receives First Medical Cannabis Imports From Portugal And Australia

Germany received its first imports of medicinal cannabis from Portugal and Australia this week. Two German companies took delivery of the shipments that will be used for testing purposes and to supply the country’s growing demand for medical marijuana, which was legalized in 2017.

In Cologne, Cannamedical Pharma received a commercial shipment of cannabis from a company in Portugal. Although the company did not identify the shipper, last month Tilray Portugal announced that it had come to an agreement with Cannamedical to export medicinal cannabis to Germany.

“The European market is clearly developing its ability to grow and ship world-class medicinal cannabis products, which is an important step in the development of the EU medicinal cannabis market, which we believe will be the world’s largest. Cannamedical continues to demonstrate that our approach as the leading independent importer of finding the best products in all supply markets to serve to our patients can establish milestones within the industry,” said David Henn, the CEO of Cannamedical.

“We are proud of the contribution we are making to provide a stable supply of medicinal cannabis to patients in Germany and thankful for our world-class supply partners,” he added.

The medical marijuana received by Cannamedical

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Once Upon a Time in Hollyweed: 42 Celebs Who Toke

CANNABIS CULTURE – We all know about famous advocates like Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, and Tommy Chong, but marijuana has had the secret support of many other celebrities, artists, comedians, writers, politicians, and billionaires over the years. In this list by, 42 of the most successful and famous household names have been revealed, along with the reason for their usage and their thoughts on the topic.


Medical marijuana has been helping people suffering from chronic pains and illnesses all over the country, and it’s no different for celebrities. Morgan Freeman, for example, uses it to help with fibromyalgia, a woefully under-studied chronic illness affecting nerves and amplifying musculoskeletal pain. Comedian Pete Davidson uses it to help with the pain of his Crohn’s disease, and Whoopi Goldberg has been using it to treat cramps, even creating her own business to that end. Actress Melissa Etheridge may have not survived if not for her use of weed to cope with chemo side effects.

Still, many others simply have used weed as a means for creative inspiration: Paul McCartney, Apple’s Steve Jobs, and modern horror-comedy writer Jordan Peele are just a few examples.

Meanwhile, more and more powerful people have

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Federal Trade Commission Sends Warning Letters To Three CBD Companies

The Federal Trade Commission has once again cautioned companies to make sure that they are within federal guidelines when it comes to selling CBD. On Tuesday, the agency announced that it had issued warning letters to companies that it says were advertising health claims for CBD products “without competent and reliable scientific evidence to support such claims.”

In a statement, the FTC said that letters had been sent to three companies, which it did not publicly identify. It did, however, go into some detail regarding the health claims that each had made for its products. Those specifics are worth studying, especially for other CBD vendors hoping to avoid federal censure.

Company number one had language on its website saying that CBD “works like magic” against “even the most agonizing pain.” It also claims that CBD has been “clinically proven” to treat diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis, and made reference to “thousands of hours of research” the firm has participated in, in conjuncture with Harvard University.

Company two also called on CBD’s curative effects on a large spectrum of health conditions from Alzheimer’s to Lou Gehrig’s Disease and AIDS. The FTC also flagged the company’s claim that CBD is a

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Life Above the Clouds: Cannabis Cooking 101

When I first started experimenting with cannabis cooking, there weren’t a lot of great resources online. That’s actually one of the reasons I started Life Above the Clouds exactly one year ago. Now, I’ve compiled the best tips and tricks that I’ve learned in a whole year of cannabis cooking (experimentation) videos. I definitely wish I’d known these when I started!

Everything you need to know about cooking with cannabis
These 9 tips and tricks will help you make successful cannabis recipes at home, every single time.

– Read the entire article at Civiized.

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Privacy Expert Calls Ontario Cannabis Store’s Sale of Postal Code Data ‘Appalling’

The Ontario Cannabis Store sells licensed producers data based on customers’ addresses, Global News has learned.

That’s contrary to its own privacy policy, a leading privacy expert says.

The address data is broken down by the first three characters of customers’ postal codes.

The postal areas vary in population. The average one in Ontario has about 25,000 residents, though 19 have fewer than 1,000. One in Cambridge has only 279 residents.

– Read the entire article at Global News.

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NY Department Of Financial Services Issuing Subpoenas Against Opiate Suppliers

The New York Department of Financial Services has announced that it will be issuing dozens of subpoenas to individuals and companies associated with the pharmaceutical opioid industry.

State Governor Andrew Cuomo did not mince words when referring to the pharmaceutical companies’ tendency to obscure their products’ highly addictive nature. “I’ve seen a number of schemes and frauds, but the opioid scheme is as diabolical, as brazen, as obnoxious and as offensive as anything I’ve seen,” he commented on Tuesday.

Last year, the state’s attorney general sued Purdue Pharma, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has sued the Sackler family of opioid kingpins who own Purdue, in addition to bringing charges against national chain pharmacies who made millions from hocking Oxycontin.

With this latest round of subpoenas, the governor hopes to initiate proceedings that will recoup over $2 billion that New Yorkers were overcharged in health care premiums as a result of insurance industry fraud.

His announcement comes on the heels of the first major ruling against pharmaceutical companies for their role in creating the US opioid crisis. In August, a judge ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for its role in the death of the 6,000 Oklahomans

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We Recently Received This Question From Mary Regarding Her Mom, So We Had This Written…Not Medical Advice:)

The Question:

“My mother is 80 yrs old and has Alzheimer’s, and I have heard about CBD oil being beneficial to slowing disease progression. I don’t need medical marijuana services or a card but would like to understand how CBD is used dosed and benefit/risk. I would rather speak to clinicians than dealers or enthusiasts. If you can advise or even send me where I can get safe advise please let me know.
Thank you for your time.
Mary E.”

The Answer:

Dear Mary, thanks for your question. We’ll do our best to provide you with actionable answers.

Before we delve into this, we’d like to say that we have readers in a similar situation who are also interested in the potential of medical cannabis to treat Alzheimer’s disease, so we’re not only going to talk about clinical and lab studies related to CBD but to THC as well. Some of the studies mentioned herein involved a combination of THC and CBD.

First off, we’d like to start with a caveat…

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Governor Of South Dakota Vows To Veto Bill Legalizing Industrial Hemp

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal on Monday evening, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem said that until law enforcement has a reliable and efficient method to differentiate marijuana from industrial hemp, South Dakota would not be joining the other states that have legalized hemp following the passage of the federal 2018 Farm Bill in December.

“Every experiment needs a control,” she wrote. “I believe the social experiment our nation is conducting with highly potent legal weed will end poorly. But to create evidence for a comparison, we need leaders willing to stand up and say, ‘No.’”

Noem said that if a bill to legalize hemp in South Dakota reaches her desk in 2020, she will veto it, just as she did with a similar measure earlier this year.

Noting that she comes from a farming and ranching family, Noem said that she understands the desire for a new cash crop for the state. But without a way for law enforcement to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana, legalizing hemp effectively legalizes both forms of cannabis.

Similar Bill Nixed Earlier This Year

Following the legalization of hemp at the federal level, South Dakota legislators, like those in many other

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Everything We Know So Far About The Recent Vape-Linked Deaths and Illnesses

If all the recent news about vape-related deaths and illnesses has you casting suspicious glances at your cartridges and concentrates, you aren’t alone. Reports of hospitalizations due to vaping are surging around the United States, with 450 cases currently under investigation. Yet health officials have yet to pinpoint an exact cause of the illnesses and deaths. They also haven’t been able to link the illnesses to any specific product, as reports involve both cannabis and nicotine vapes. But we aren’t completely in the dark, either. So as this story continues to develop, here’s everything we know so far about the recent vape-linked deaths and illnesses.

Here’s What “Vape Lung” is Like, According to One Patient

Hopefully, you don’t know anyone and are not yourself someone who has experienced severe lung distress due to vaping cannabis or anything else. The experience is a miserable and long-lasting one. Just ask Jackie Gomez, a resident of Los Angeles who spent days in the hospital after developing what doctors diagnosed as necrotizing pneumonia. Gomez told High Times she thinks the DANK vape cartridges she had been consuming may be to blame.

Gomez says it started as a tickle in her throat. That tickle soon

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