UConn’s New Cannabis Course Brings Scientific Rigor to the Art of Growing

Beginning next week, students at the University of Connecticut have the chance to take a pioneering new course in cannabis horticulture. The course, titled “Horticulture of Cannabis: from Seed to Harvest,” aims to train students in all aspects of the cannabis cultivation process.

Importantly, this course represents progress on multiple fronts. For starters, it is part of an increasing focus on bringing scientifically-proven and evidence-backed processes to the world of cannabis cultivation. Additionally, the course is part of a growing trend in which colleges and universities are beginning to train students to enter the legal cannabis industry.

UConn’s New Cannabis Course

UConn’s new cannabis course will begin on January 22, when the school returns from winter break. It is being offered as part of the school’s Sustainable Plant and Soil Systems program.

And according to primary instructor Matthew DeBacco, the course will be a breakthrough for UConn, higher education in general, and the entire cannabis industry.

Most immediately, the course is the first of its kind ever offered at UConn. But beyond that, it is also at the vanguard of a new trend sweeping across the entire university system.

“From what I can tell, this is one of the first courses

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St. Louis, Missouri Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession Under 100 Grams

St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell will no longer prosecute cases for possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana. The new policy first came to light in an internal memo to prosecutors and staff from Bell regarding changes in prosecutorial policy. It was leaked to reporters during Bell’s first week in office. Bell was sworn in as St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney on January 1 after being elected to the position in November.

Although Bell said in a Facebook post after the memo’s release that the changes had not yet been finalized, in an email to local media, his chief of staff Sam Alton wrote that the new policy has already been enacted.

“For possession cases alone — not a possession with a weapon or an intent to sell — possession alone, that policy is in effect and will stay in effect,” Alton said.

Larger quantities of cannabis will also be tolerated by the prosecutor’s office unless there is evidence of marijuana sales or distribution, according to the memo from Bell.

“Prosecution of more than 100 grams of marijuana will only be pursued if evidence suggests the sale/distribution of marijuana,” it reads.

Alton said that cases for possession of less

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Congressional Cannabis Caucus Challenges Trump Administration

On Feb. 16, 2017, a bi-partisan group of House members officially launched the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, making it the first marijuana-focused congressional member organization. There are nearly 300 issue-focused caucuses.

At the press conference announcing the new group, the four initial members—Democrats Earl Blumenauer (OR) and Jared Polis (CO) and Republicans Dana Rohrabacher (CA) and Don Young (AK) and suggested that they were ready to put up a fight should the Department of Justice ramp up enforcement of federal prohibition.

“If we have to, we’ll bump heads with the attorney general,” said Young, referring to embattled AG Jeff Sessions, who has since left the Cabinet.

Rohrabacher stressed that recreational cannabis legalization should get serious attention from Congress. So far, it’s only approved protections for state medical marijuana programs in the form of an appropriations rider, commonly known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment. Blumenauer stepped in as the co-sponsor when Sam Farr retired in January 2017.

Update: With Rohrabacher recently losing his re-election and Polis being elected governor of Colorado, two new members joined the Caucus on Jan. 9: Barbara Lee (D-CA) and David Joyce (R-OH). Joyce has replaced Rohrabacher as the Republican sponsor of the amendment.

Most importantly, the caucus will

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‘Some Assembly Required’: Cannabis Grow Pods Turn Into New Business Opportunity for Winnipeg Company

Pods made from renovated shipping containers being sold to producers around the country as turnkey solution.

About six months ago, Delta 9 Cannabis CEO John Arbuthnot was busy getting ready for the looming legalization of cannabis.

There was the behind-the-scenes planning for his company’s first retail pot store, the creation of supply agreements with other cannabis sellers, and then the expansion of Delta 9’s secure growing facility in east Winnipeg.

Then Arbuthnot got a call about another business opportunity. A cannabis producer had seen a news story about Delta 9, and wanted to know if the Winnipeg company would sell its grow pods to help build out the first phase of the producer’s facility.

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Cannabis Club Fills Info Gap for California Seniors

Tucked between the affluent San Francisco suburbs of Lafayette and Walnut Creek is Rossmoor, an upscale senior-living community of some 10,000 residents 55 and older. Rossmoor members have a plethora of activities at their convenience, from bridge to bocce ball to social clubs (Boomers Forever!). But they are also among the few older adults in this country who can find expert information on how to use medical marijuana right in their own community.

Rossmoor’s Medical Marijuana Education and Support Club is one of the community’s most popular activities, with an email list of over 1000 names testifying to the locals’ voracious appetite for learning about cannabis. From Rossmoor and the surrounding towns, inquisitive seniors crowd the clubhouse twice a month to hear guest lecturers: cannabis researchers, professional practitioners, activists and industry representatives, who share their knowledge and practical insights.

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Save Cannabis Culture Dispensaries: Tell Vancouver City Hall To Stop The Shutdown

CANNABIS CULTURE – The City of Vancouver is forcing Cannabis Culture and other dispensaries to shut their doors on January 31. Please call and mail the City and tell them to stop the shutdown!

Please print and share these flyers with information about HOW TO HELP keep Cannabis Culture and other Vancouver dispensaries open.

Fill out the form and tell us why CC & cannabis are important to you. Drop off the form at a Cannabis Culture location or send a photo to [email protected]

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Four of Seven West Region Pot Shop Lotto Winners Are in Hamilton, Says Local Cannabis Consultant

Hamilton’s Olivia Brown says one of her clients was selected in the Ontario cannabis retail lottery.

The 25 winners in the province’s pot lottery have been announced, including four applicants in Hamilton according to a local cannabis consultant.

Now it’s up to city council to decide Monday whether to approve legal cannabis stores in the city.

Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission released results of its lottery Friday night, with seven applicants in the west region, that includes Hamilton, randomly picked to apply for retail pot licences.

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Liberals Must Pass a Cannabis Amnesty Law

When the Trudeau government set out to deliver on its core campaign commitment to legalize cannabis, success was defined for many by legislation that did not impede on each province’s autonomy over responsible implementation.

The timeline was ambitious, and history was ultimately made on Oct. 17, 2018 with the passage of The Cannabis Act.

Throughout the process, I’d hoped to see more concrete, proactive plans toward the pardoning of Canadians who held records for simple cannabis possession. At minimum, it was essential to remove the $631 financial barrier that stood in the way of a record suspension.

The painstakingly careful approach taken by the Liberal government to avoid making commitments about amnesty at the beginning of its mandate was disappointing, to say the least.

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“I Don’t Do This for Fun.” Patients Are Hopeful Texas Will Expand Access to Medical Cannabis

The Texas Legislature is about to kick off its first session since three licensed marijuana dispensaries opened in the state, providing cannabis products for hundreds of patients. Now advocates are hopeful that lawmakers are ready to dramatically expand that program to thousands more Texans who stand to benefit.

Joshua Raines worried about going to his son’s choir concert in December — not because of his son, but because he himself would be sitting among throngs of people, which was sure to raise his anxieties.

Ultimately, he decided to go. But it wasn’t long before the Army veteran’s hand began shaking — a seizure warning sign. He smoked a cigarette outside, but quickly realized that wasn’t the comfort he sought. So he left the concert early, returned to his Parker County home and turned on his cannabis vape pen.

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Epileptic Girl, Two, Who Is One of the First British Children to Be Prescribed Medicinal Cannabis Still Can’t Get the Treatment on the Nhs as Her Father Has to Pay £1,000 a Month for a Private Supply

One of the first children to be prescribed medical cannabis in the UK still can’t get her desperately-needed medication on the NHS.

Jorja Emerson needs the drug to treat her severe epilepsy, which can cause life-threatening seizures, her father says.

But, despite being prescribed a medication called Tilray by a private doctor in London in November, the Northern Irish family still can’t get it in their own country.

Robin Emerson, 31, has had to pay £1,000 for one month’s supply of his daughter’s medicine and had to fly to England himself to collect it.

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