Michigan Authorizes Veterinarians to Discuss the Therapeutic Use of CBD with Pet Owners

On the last day of 2020, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law a piece of legislation (“HB 5085”) that gives veterinarians permission to discuss the potential therapeutic benefits and risks of using marijuana and hemp, especially cannabidiol (“CBD”), with pet owners. The statutory language is sparse but its legislative analysis explains that HB 5085 aims for veterinarians to become “a trusted source of information, in a marketplace with many competing and confusing claims,” which the report explains “would ultimately benefit both pets’ health and their owners’ peace of mind.”

This new law may come as a surprise to many given the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has yet to approve the use of CBD in pet products. Indeed, to date, no food additive petitions or ingredients for any substance derived from hemp in animal food have been approved or recognized as Generally Recognized As Safe (“GRAS”). Moreover, the FDA takes strong issue with promoting the therapeutic value of CBD products, as demonstrated in its issuance of warning letters to manufacturers of CBD pet products that dared making medical claims about their products.

Yet, if you review the FDA’s cannabis FAQ, you’ll notice that while the federal

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Travel To Italy With Cannabis Edibles Inspired By Traditional Italian Desserts

With the coronavirus pandemic stubborn to release its grip on countries around the globe, travelers are being asked to continue stifling their wanderlust for the foreseeable future. And while the shutdown of leisure travel is hardly the most significant impact of the outbreak, it has left many world explorers desperate for the taste of a faraway locale.

To fill the void left by canceled itineraries, alternatives including online guided tours of historic city centers and must-see museums have become a popular choice for vicarious visitors. And now, Californians can elevate their virtual travels with a new line of cannabis edibles that are inspired by traditional Italian desserts.

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Mother Fears Son Could Die As Brexit Stops Medical Cannabis Supply

Government gives two weeks notice that access to epilepsy treatment for nine-year-old Alfie Dingley will end.

The mother of a nine-year-old boy with a rare and severe form of epilepsy has told how she fears her son could die after the government announced his supply of a life-changing cannabis medicine from the Netherlands would stop because of Brexit.

Hannah Deacon was given just two weeks notice by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) that due to the end of the transition period “prescriptions issued in the UK can no longer be lawfully dispensed in an EU member state”.

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Wyoming Looks At Examples of Legal Cannabis In Neighboring States

Wyoming is now one of the last holdout states that hasn’t accepted legal cannabis, surrounded on all sides by legal states. It’s not clear exactly when they will join their neighbors, but they are already looking around to their legal counterparts for information on legalization. 

The reason for this research is probably that the data shows residents are looking for more access to cannabis. A study from the University of Wyoming last month shows that more than half of residents support legalizations. Fifty-four percent, to be exact, say they support adult-use cannabis. 

“This continues the steady increase in support observed from 2014, 2016 and 2018, when support rose from 37 percent to 41 percent to 49 percent, respectively,” the report claims. 

With this information in mind, Travis Koltiska, chief of police in Sheridan, Wyoming, feels that cannabis trafficking over state lines won’t stop any time soon, and that the state could be looking at an increase. 

“Large legal operations in surrounding states have also shown us increased availability in distribution amounts, and that will likely increase if we look at data from the past,” Sheridan County Sheriff Allen

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Illinois Expunges Nearly 500,000 Low-Level Cannabis Charges

Illinois has been receiving some flack lately, as the state made it seem like expunging charges was a priority after legalization took hold, but so far, has been slow to roll those out. Now, the state is making up for that lost time, having recently expunged nearly 500,000 low-level convictions

These expungements, made by the Illinois State Police, tackled non-felony and cannabis-related arrest records and were signed off on by Governor JB Pritzker. 

Under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, the state has promised that cannabis arrest records from 2013 to 2019, totaling 47,000 in eligible cases, be cleared by the first of this year. By 2025, the state is expected to be up and running with automatic expungement. The state is now ahead of schedule instead of behind, having reached 492,129. 

However, even though this makes the state four years ahead when it comes to state-level charges, counties still have to deal with their own, local expungements, and still must do so by 2025. 

Some counties, including DuPage, Kane, Knox, Lake, McHenry, McLean, Peoria, Rock Island, Will, and Winnebago counties, already have their records expunged, but more

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Hemp Banking for Credit Unions: Five Key Questions

One of the coolest things we’ve done here at Harris Bricken was work with the National Credit Union Association on its June 2020 guidance for servicing hemp-related businesses. Back when we first started working with small, Northwest credit unions in 2014 and 2015 (on the THC banking side) we never imagined being hired one day by the federal government itself on cannabis-related matters. Then, the 2018 Farm Bill came and we saw a sudden increase in credit unions looking at the hemp banking space. Service was slow to start, but everyone had questions!

This post covers a few important considerations we typically discuss with credit unions looking to service the hemp industry. This is not an exhaustive list of questions and recommendations, like the one we work though with clients; instead, it identifies five, high-level considerations for any credit union currently looking at the space.

What kinds of businesses are you willing to bank?

The hemp industry exists on a spectrum, from businesses that sell seeds to farmers all the way through retail sellers of hemp and hemp-CBD products. The supply chain is being built as we speak, and new products (and even new markets) continue to surface. Generally speaking,

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New Mexico Judge Rules Inmates Have A Right To Medical Cannabis

A state district judge in New Mexico has ruled that inmates and parolees have a right to use medical marijuana and that correctional institutions must provide access to cannabis to qualified patients, even if they are behind bars. Last week’s ruling from 2nd Judicial District Judge Lucy Solimon was entered in a lawsuit against Bernalillo County’s Metropolitan Detention Center brought by Joe Montaño, an Albuquerque resident who was convicted of drunk driving in 2019.

After Montaño was convicted, he successfully completed a court-ordered mental health treatment program and was allowed to serve a 90-day jail sentence under house arrest. Among the conditions for the sentence was a requirement that Montaño not use illegal drugs. After authorities learned of Montaño’s use of medical marijuana, he was jailed for more than 30 days for violating the terms of his sentence.

Attorneys for Bernalillo County argued that because cannabis is still illegal under federal law, Montaño’s use of medical marijuana “was a violation of law contrary to his agreement to comply with all city, county, state and federal laws and ordinances.”

Solimon ruled that as a qualified medical marijuana patient, Montaño had the right to use medical marijuana under New Mexico law. Montaño

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