Parents Are Getting Their Annual Warning To Watch For Weed In Halloween Candy

It’s becoming something of a yearly Halloween tradition. Parents—especially those living in weed legal states—hear warnings about weed. The warnings come from a variety of public agencies. This typically includes police, health departments, and more.

And the primary message: to watch out for edibles when your kids go trick or treating. True to form, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission this week published its Halloween press release. In it, the commission tells parents to watch out for edibles made to look like regular candy.

Warning Comes from Cannabis Control Commission

In the public notice, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission reminds parents that this is the first Halloween since legal marijuana shops opened in the state.

The commission reminded parents to lock up any marijuana products they have in their own homes. Additionally, the memo also warned parents to watch out for what their kids get while they are out trick or treating. In particular, the commission said to watch out for edibles that look like regular candy.

“Like all of the Halloweens that came before this one, parents should be on the lookout for products that are unsafe for kids after they trick-or-treat,” public health appointee to the Cannabis Control Commission

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