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Where to Purchase Your First Glass Piece

Purchasing your first cannabis pipe can be a bit confusing. Between finding reputable vendors, learning the lingo, and selecting a piece that suits your individual needs, there’s a lot to learn and consider before diving in. Fear not: this series will give you an overview of the purchasing process, including how to choose your first flower pipe or dab rig, where to shop for glass online, and an introduction to functional and non-functional glass art.

In part one and two of this series, we covered the basics of pipe design and function, outlining the most important information needed to make a confident selection. In this third installment, we’ll dive into finding the right glass vendor. Whether it’s a website or a storefront, a glass retailer can make or break your first glass buying experience.

So, what’s there to know?

Buying Glass at a Head Shop (Patrick Bennett/Leafly)

A head shop is a retail outlet that specializes in smoking accessories, and these shops are particularly well-suited for first-time glass buyers as staff can talk you through all your questions in-person.


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Head shops typically provide a large selection of pipes and accessories. Some retailers cater to budget buyers looking for a quick and easy smoking solution, while others focus on high quality glass for collectors.

Do a little research on your local head shops by reading reviews online. These can help you evaluate a shop’s staff, selection, and prices before leaving home.

More benefits offered by head shops include: 

Real-time assistance: Having a store associate available to answer your immediate questions can be massively helpful to inexperienced customers. A hands-on experience: Being able to hold and handle a prospective purchase

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