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The Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 4/20 is here to help you take full of the very best deals near you. Find holiday bargains alongside each shop’s top recommended cannabis strains and products to make this year’s 4/20 one to remember. (All deals while supplies last.)

Celebrating 4/20 in the state of Washington comes with many perks, not the least of which include great deals on quality bud. Let this guide lead you to some of the holiday’s best strains, products, and bargains, so you can smoke up this 4/20 without breaking the bank.


The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Seattle

4465 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA

Find this High Terp Sugar Wax by Green Acres Pharm at Pot Stop this 4/20 weekend. (Courtesy of Pot Stop/Green Acres Pharm)

4/20 Deals:

$2 one-gram pre-rolls $5 grams of flower (7 different varieties) $7 grams / $25 eighths of Green Acres Signature Pine Queen Dream flower $1 American Baked Raspberry Chews $3 Curious Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Chews $4.20 one-gram flower joints from Green Acres Pharm $20 High Terp Sugar Wax from Green Acres Pharms $18 half-gram vapor cartridges $15 grams of moonrocks $28 NWCS 3.5g’s of Blue Dream and Ogre Kush $10 grams of assorted kief $20 eighths (in glass) from a Cut Above $10 4-packs of half-gram pre-rolls from Aloha Botanicals $16 grams of Chemdawg BHO from Aloha Botanicals

Recommended Strain: Pine Queen Dream by Green Acres Pharm

Recommended Product: High Terp Sugar Wax by Green Acres Pharm (pictured above)

Check out Pot Stop’s Leafly page to explore even more deals, strains, and products offered this 4/20 weekend.

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Find these Dipped infused joints by Green Labs at Dockside locations this 4/20 weekend. (Randi

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