Pennington amends cannabis opt-in ordinance restricting retailers and medical cannabis dispensaries –

Cannabis consumption areas will no longer be permitted by the Pennington Council after amendments were made to its cannabis ordinance restricting cannabis retailers, medical cannabis dispensaries and cannabis delivery services.

The Borough Council had proposed three amendments to the ordinance at a council meeting on Aug. 9. The public hearing for the ordinance was then carried on Aug. 9 to an Aug. 16 meeting when members of council will decide on the ordinance’s adoption.

“I do not think it is worthwhile to have consumption where they sell it and possibly create problems near the highway or getting on the highway. So if we can remove that I would be comfortable with this law,” Councilman Charles Marciante said on Aug. 9.

In addition to no longer permitting consumption areas, the Borough Council will increase the application fee of $1,000 to $2,500 for a cannabis retailer, medical cannabis dispensary or cannabis delivery service and reduce the number of licenses from a combined total of three for cannabis retailers and medical dispensaries to two.

“Anyone who is given a license in town must meet with the council to get a renewal. They must pay a $5,000 renewal fee

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