Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Makes Marijuana Legalization A Priority For 2021

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf called on state lawmakers to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults in a list of goals for the new year released on Thursday. In the statement of his priorities for the 2021 legislative session, Wolf said that it is time to continue the state’s reform of cannabis policy.

“In 2017, Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana through bipartisan legislation,” Wolf’s office wrote in an announcement of his 2021 agenda. “Now as our neighbors move toward legalizing recreational marijuana, Pennsylvania cannot afford to be left behind. Legalizing adult-use cannabis has strong bipartisan support among Pennsylvanians.”

Wolf’s call for the legalization of recreational marijuana noted that tax revenues raised by regulated cannabis commerce could be used to help advance social and economic change.

“The revenue generated from legalization will be used to support historically disadvantaged small businesses through grant funding and provide them the assistance they need to build back from the economic crisis and strengthen our economy,” the announcement continued. “Additionally, a portion of the revenue will support restorative justice programs to help the individuals and communities that have been adversely harmed by the criminalization of marijuana.”

Recovering From COVID-19’s Economic Fallout

Wolf’s agenda also included several additional priorities

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